Erdek’s Promotion A distance of 18 km from Bandirma at Kapıdağ peninsula Erdek is even the most developed place of tourism in South of Marmara . Doubling the size of the number of the population, about 5 in the summer . Erdek has entertainment, accommodation and attractions to visit in history, you will find a lot of respects . Kapidag Peninsula has 18 residential units belonging to Erdek. Erdek’s economy based on tourism, olive trees farming and fishing . Erdek offers a real option for those who want a funny and enjoyable vacation .

Erdek is located at Kapıdağ peninsula ‘s southern outskirts of boundaries of Mysia (the ancient name of the area ). The famous geographer Strabo , Kapıdağ ‘s ( Arktonesos ) is an island in the past , and the fact that the mainland by two bridges ‘ refers to is connected . BC 1200 the URLs that the length of a Thracian Dolion ‘ s Dolionis seized by the former were called to the region . Well the most important center of the ancient settlement of Cyzicus (maybe ) , being understood by the works of pottery uncovered Late Geometric period , BC 7 century in the first half of Miletus ‘ ance established , the oldest of the ancient Propontis was one of the Ionic cities . Peninsula, the city and the harsh northern winds of about 200 vessels that can accommodate two natural harbor guarded. Wide and extends from the fertile lands of the domain Pergamon’a Cyzicus , the shores of the Marmara Sea , extending south roads showed a great improvement over time built a reputation as the start point position . Besides, the most well-known coins , gold and silver coins known as Kzikene with the equilibration and the famous art center. BC 6 Darius was the time of the late century rule of the Persians . BC Passed into the hands of Alexander the Great in 334 gained independence after his death, the city has developed its relations with the Kingdom of Pergamon . Protect the autonomy of the most brilliant life of Cyzicus in the Roman period continued during this period . Olympos 13 declared as the god of imp . On behalf of Hadrian , built in the late Roman period by a large Metropolis – Neokoros earn the title of the Temple of Zeus . Constantinople ‘s ( Istanbul ) Byzantium ‘s capital, began to lose importance on having Cyzicus , MS Greatly affected by earthquakes and fires, 943 and 1063 years of the people of the city was destroyed and it ‘s Erdem’s where bulınduğu Artake ‘ migrated to . Particularly the Seljuks in the 14th Erdek also became involved in the early centuries Karasioğulları , Orhan Gazi time were annexed . The ruins of the ancient settlement of the city and the surrounding excavations, 1952-53 and 1957 , Ord. Prof . Dr . By Akurgal also been initiated. Today, from the famous temple of Hadrian , the basic residues present in the region could only reach in a cave . Some findings uncovered in excavations in the region , and is currently a part of the Istanbul Archaeology Museum Open Air Museum, exhibited in Erdek . Kapıdağ peninsula, formerly an island very close to the shore , while the narrow and low Isthmus time ( tombolo ) and a peninsula connected to the mainland has become. Provides the connection to land-locked into the isthmus of the peninsula , and perhaps marsh swamp during rainy periods (perhaps Tombolosu ) is called. Erdek and Kapıdağ Peninsula coast , surrounding islands , the sea , the beautiful natural beaches, historical buildings with unique natural beauty and a busy holiday area in the Marmara region , and also as wine grapes are produced , table olives and is famous for its fishing . Covered with olive groves and green looking beautiful sandy beaches and coasts in the region and across the city of Erdek Zeytinlli island recreation area with the Apostle , the ruins of Cyzicus , Seyitgazi Hill , Pomegranate village scattered around the peninsula and the shores of the Marmara Island, Paşalimanı Island, Avşa ( Türkeli ) Island and Ekinlik Island , Beşiktaş Gulf per cent major tourist areas. Road to Istanbul – Bursa over about 339 km, or Balıkesir – Erdeğe reached after 119 km of Susurluk . Other than that, summer and winter, Istanbul – Istanbul, especially in the summer and the Banda – Wales – Avşa ongoing ferry and hydrofoil service runs regularly between the provided transportation to the area .